Blogmas Day #10: Christmassy Hot Cocoa

      It is that joyful time of year again! I am fairly new to the world of blogging so from reading other blogs, I decided why not countdown to Christmas in What Mommy Hearts?! So, everyday up until December 25th I will write a Blogmas series sharing a little Christmas cheer and what I do to enjoy the wintery days.

Image from Sweet
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      Hot cocoa is a favorite to drink during the holidays. I came across this delightful recipe using cool whip and cookie cutters to add some Christmassy festivity.

Step 1: Spread a layer of cool whip using a spatula on a medium sized pan (make sure the pan can fit in the freezer before you start) lined with baking sheet or aluminum foil or parchment paper. Place in freezer for three hours.


Step 2: Note: Work fast because the cool whip melts. Take your choice of any Christmas shaped cookie cutter and press down all the way to create the shape. While the cookie cutter is still sitting on the cool whip, use a knife to remove excess cool whip around.


d2164fc2-a57f-4ed3-813f-4ddd109a80a4.pngStep 3: Pull cookie cutter up and push from beneath the parchment paper. Gently nudge the cool whip from the cookie cutter to place on the cup of hot cocoa.  Cheers!


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