Blogmas Day #11: How the Christmas Tree Came to Be



      Decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition followed in many homes around the world. The modern Christmas tree has its roots from Germany. Before then the use of evergreen trees, garlands and wreaths were used in tree worship among pagan Europeans.  In other countries, it was believed that evergreens keep away evil spirits, witchcraft, witches, ghosts and diseases and a reminder of spring to come.

      Although the worship of pagan gods was not accepted, Christian missionaries in Germany and other European countries slowly incorporated the tree that is forever green all year. The pyramid shaped tree is symbolic of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with a point towards heaven. As we decorate the evergreen this year we would do well to remember the birth of Jesus brought unity in heaven and earth and brings all things to flourish and grow just like the evergreen.


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