Blogmas Day 12: Cards for Hospitalized Kids

    Over 2 billion Christmas cards are sent in the USA each year. Giving and receiving Christmas cards, especially through mail, brings warmth enveloped with the season’s greetings.

      I came to know about Cards for Hospitalized Kids. It is an internationally recognized charitable organization that distributes Christmas cards to kids in hospitals in the USA. They accept cards year round but if you are interested to send a Christmas card, click on Cards for Hospitalized Kids for the address.

      I also came across Hailey Rodenhiser’s story in Huffington Post, a girl in Nova Scotia battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She wants to collect 1,000 Christmas cards this year, and her mother says it brings a smile on her face whenever she opens a Christmas card through mail.  Click to see Hailey’s video from her mother.

      Instead of thinking about what me, myself, and I will get this Christmas, it is nice to do something for kids who need a little Christmas cheer the most and bring a smile. This simple act of sending Christmas cards has encouraged kids in the hospitals to recover.

      It is also an opportunity for our kids to learn that Christmas season is not just to receive but also to give. This is a nice activity to do with your kid or when kids get together this Christmas.

      Josiah, my 20 month old, will be sending this sweet Santa card to Hailey and others!



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