Blogmas Day 20: Lighting A Candle At Christmas


         Lighting candles is an ancient pagan custom before Christians incorporated it into the Christmas season. Apart from nativity plays, midnight mass, and caroling, lighting candles signifies Christ and the warm light he brings to a world of darkness. In many churches, people come together in a candlelight service with carols, scripture readings and worship.

        Candles were also used to decorate and light Christmas trees before the invention of electric lights. Christmas lights have evolved over time into more safer means of displaying decorations.

         Lighting candles during Christmastime brightens the home with a sense of warmth and beauty. The Christmas Candle by Max Lucado is a nice movie to watch during the Christmas season. It is about how people lighted candles during Christmastime in the town of Gladbury; they prayed and expected for a miracle in their life at times when hope was lost.


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