Blogmas Day 21-25: Bring On Christmas Cheer Into the New Year!

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         Christmas is joy, laughter, lights, gifts, music and so much more. Decorating the home, wrapping gifts, cooking festive meals is all part of the fun.

           How can I write Blogmas without including a kids’ favorite gift giver, Santa Claus?! No matter what age, seeing the ruddy, rolly old man with long white beard brings a sense of cheer to everyone who catches a glimpse of jolly ole’ Santa Claus himself.

             Singing old-time Christmas carols around the fireplace is also something to look forward to in the family get together. My cousin, Shalini, came up with games in which everyone took part including kids, like toss greeting cards into a laundry basket, draw Christmas tree and mantle on your forehead with a paper and marker without looking, and How Well You Know the Other Person Quiz Questions.

          This year I looked up some Christmas tree vegetable platter ideas from Pinterest. Along with cherry dump cake, goat korma, beef kabobs, coconut rice and warm parathas and apple cider, it indeed was a wonderful family Christmas get together!

              That is the end of Blogmas series for Christmas 2016. Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Avocado Christmas tree with olives, carrots and cheese
Broccoli Christmas tree with cherry tomatoes and cheese

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