March Monthly Favorites: Mom Blogs


     As part of my blog content, I decided to have a monthly favorites where I will pick five products or services that are helpful for baby care and write reviews each month. I get asked every so often about what, where, how and why I use this or that for Josiah so why not include it in What Mommy Hearts where readers can have access to it whenever and wherever?

     There are so many resources and opinions available; My goal with What Mommy Hearts is to answer questions and ease concerns backed up with research. It is a tool to learn and find out what is the best fit for you and your child, and by no means a replacement or substitute for professional medical advice and/or treatment. As always, consult with your own doctor for advice on your specific questions.

     To kick off monthly favorites, I chose six fellow mom blogs I frequently visit for ideas or inspiration. When it comes to blogs, first impression can be the last impression so I love to go back to blogs who not only have good content but a solid design as well that is easy to navigate.


I wish I had discovered this blog sooner when I was pregnant. Momtricks consolidates common questions and concerns a mother-to-be would have in planning and preparing for baby’s arrival and what to be aware of after the baby. It is detailed yet simple enough to read through, really no need to google when you have this one-stop blog handy.

Pretty Prudent

Pretty Prudent is written by two moms who also share a YouTube channel. It is not only entertaining but very insightful with tidbits on having fun with kids while building a home. Being a mom is an adventure and these bloggers do a good job in celebrating it.

Lady and the blog

Lady and the blog captures life of a mother of three New York style. It is nice to get perspective of how moms juggle the act of motherhood in an entirely different state. Vera Sweeney, the writer, also shares her love for traveling and fashion in her humorous blogposts.

Dear Crissy and Shop Sweet Things

Shop Sweet Things is one of the first mom bloggers I came across when I started blogging so I have to give credit to it. With crisp, clean-cut photos, both Shop Sweet Things and Dear Crissy are delightful blogs with a unique twist on DIYs and recipes.


Mamavation is very neat and tidy to refer to if you are interested in health and wellness. From how to detoxify your home naturally to prevent diseases to safer beauty ingredients, this blog has it all covered.

Please share your favorite blogs to follow in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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