April Monthly Favorites: Sophie la Girafe for 3-12 months old


      There are so many infant toys in the market. If there is one infant toy to buy, consider Sophie la Girafe teether toy as a must-have. Sophie la Girafe is from France but you can find it in USA stores.  What makes it so unique? A 3-month old is exploring and developing his/her five senses of touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing.

     Sophie la Girafe stays true to these 5 essential motor skills. This teether toy is made from Hevea tree sap and converted to 100% chewable-safe rubber with a mild vanilla scent. It’s soft texture is easy to grasp for baby’s small hands and makes a squeaking noise when pressed.  Cause and effect is something a newborn will also grasp fast. Babies’ sight is very limited and can only see contrasting images so dark spots on the giraffe’s light skin provide visual stimulation. Long legs with deep grooves reaches molars of teeth way in the back and soothes sore gums.

      Food paints are used as well. Sophie la Girafe teether toy is phthalate and PBA free. One of my cousins, Shalini, suggested this toy and it kept Josiah entertained quite well when he was 3-12 months old.

Please don’t leave child unattended while playing with any toy in general. For cleaning, just gently wipe it and don’t let water get in the hole at the back. I followed this technique and the giraffe remained mold-free and safe shown below.


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Sophie la Giraffe. http://www.sophielagirafe.fr/en/

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