The Art of a Toothbrush


     Your pediatrician should tell you when to start brushing your child’s teeth during his/her routine checkups the first year. It is usually around 6 months when teeth can first start to appear but varies for each child. If you have a busy toddler like me, chasing around a child and tackling him/her down to brush teeth can be tiring especially before the day even started. Thankfully, there are many choices available in which technique to brush teeth. Toothbrushes now come in all sorts of shapes, colors, noise and children’s favorite characters. Flavor is another one to add to the list. Leave it to your child to choose which one works best for them.

     A child can mimic the process of how to brush teeth just by watching your daily routine. Singing a silly song, playing brush-brush with stuffed animal are few ways to make it more welcoming. Electric toothbrushes are fascinating for the youngest of people, but not recommended until 3+.

     In the beginning stages, I used a finger-tip toothbrush. My cousin, Shalini, later recommended Spiffies baby tooth wipes. It has a grape flavor and contains xylitol which is known to prevent tooth decay. This is by far the best method because just swiping the teeth with it saves time. Now that Josiah is capable of helping himself stand on a stool in front of the bathroom mirror, he prefers a light up, colorful brush to get the job done. I still like to run through with Spiffies after toothbrush. With supervision a child can develop the habit of cleaning teeth.

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