What A Babysitter Did for One Mom



Emily is a senior in high school and babysits my cousin Shalini’s 6-year old daughter, Riva. The babysitter Emily and Riva planned together a surprise party for Riva’s mom, Shalini, the day after her birthday. Emily and Riva both decorated the kitchen with colorful streamers, balloons and birthday decor. I watched Riva’s excitement as she was interacting with Emily while placing candles on the cupcakes. For Emily, babysitting was not just a task but more like nurturing the time she invests in Riva. It was a truly joyous occasion for mother Shalini, because coming home from work was more than just another ordinary day. It was a pleasant surprise for Shalini when she saw what the babysitter took time to do for her.

Blessings and prayers to Emily as she looks forward to her upcoming graduation and pursuit of a career in healthcare as a Nurse.

Mothers are the primary caregivers and a mother-child relationship is a special bond. The role a babysitter plays in a kid’s life, however, is not one to be taken lightly since they are caretakers in the absence of mom and dad. What the babysitter Emily did reflects how a mom kept healthy connection with someone providing care for her child in her absence.

I read an article The Bond Between Mother and Child and it says, With the cutting of the umbilical cord, physical attachment to our mothers ends and emotional and psychological attachment begins. While the first attachment provides everything we need to thrive inside the womb, many psychologists believe the second attachment provides the psychological foundation and maybe even the social and physical buffer we need to thrive in the world.” 

I learned that it is important for moms to keep good, open communication and connect with those who care for their child such as babysitters, teachers, tutors, pediatricians, etc. because they play a part to support, protect and nurture the children.

Source Cited:
Azar, Beth. (2009). The Bond Between Mother and Child. American Psychological Associationhttp://www.thelizlibrary.org/liz/APA-Monitor-attachment.html.

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