June Monthly Favorites: Screen-Free Outdoor Activities for Kids

PencilChalk_Outdoor kids activity


Bubbles_Outdoor Kids ActivitySummer is here which means all the more reason to spend time in the sun. Times have changed because when I was a kid, screen-electronic devices like iPads and iPhones were unheard of; we used creativity and imagination to lose track of time. Today, with all the pressure of online games and fancy hand-held electronics, it is easy to get caught up in how to keep kids busy. Kids getting glued to any screen is visibly the biggest challenge among parents.

Josiah’s pediatrician has always said to steer away from TV because it will damage brain structure and development. Humans are wired to develop empathy, compassion, and communicate. According to an article written in Psychology Today, much of the damage from a screen happens in the frontal lobe of the brain where emotional processing, attention, behavior, and sleep is depleted with exposure. Brain chemicals and hormones become imbalanced in kids and adults alike.

Kids learn by watching parents. As a mom, you have the ability to know when the attitude in the home is changing, and it is good to take steps to set and reset control over the TV remote and other screens before it controls the home.  10 Ways to Protect the Brain from Daily Screen Time adds some helpful tips.

As I was looking for toys to balance out TV time and play, I found these two outdoor activity toys at Walmart; Pencil Chalk comes with its own sharpener to sharpen chalk which is neat. Bubble Pond is easy to assemble and keeps kids entertained with gigantic bubbles for quite a long time. It is contagious watching kids giggle, laugh and enjoy being kids.

What are some outdoor activities you are doing this summer with your kids?

Here is the link to view my post about the importance of sunlight in Vitamin D in a Day.

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