Toy Cars Story

MacKenzie FamilyThe hieroglyphic play area at San Francisco Airport is suddenly filled with kids each of them carrying toy cars. The kids didn’t know one another but they all were playing together with toy cars. As I was sitting on the benches watching Josiah play, I began to have a conversation with a young couple sitting beside me.

It was nice meeting and chatting with Amy, her husband John and their small children, Tova and Reagan. John walked around handing toy cars to kids as they came; he walked over to Josiah and asked what his name was and explained to him that he can take a car from a ziplock bag full of toy cars to play with and keep for himself. Josiah eagerly took not one but two toy cars, which he ended up giving back later for other kids to enjoy.

When I asked why toy cars Amy gives credit to John; he keeps an eye out for toys that keep a child’s attention span and work well on surfaces, such as airport floorings and compartment trays on the plane. Traveling by plane no matter what season is the time for unexpected waits and flight delays. I thought their idea to not only entertain their own kids while traveling but think about other kids as well was simple yet brilliant.

A ziplock bag of toy cars is one to add to my packing list before boarding a flight. By packing a ziplock bagful of toy cars along the journey to give to other children, you never know what you might learn. It opens a world of opportunities to converse with other parents and teach a lesson to children a thing or two about sharing.

I also found that Amy was a Special Education teacher and John was the Children’s Pastor of Church of Nazarene in Brookings, Oregon. They shared how there was a need for a day care center in the remote area where they live in Oregon, and their passion to serve children has led them to open up the very first day care for the small city. Oregon is one state I haven’t visited but it sounds like a very picturesque place. Special thank you to Amy and John for letting me share your story on WhatMommyHearts.


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