The Mindfulness of Makeup

IMG_4054.JPGCooking and painting is a form of art, and so is makeup. Drawing with an eyeliner, painting shades with an eye palette, or brushing on lipstick is all about flavor, color and strokes unique to the person creating it.



After coming across an article about “Makeup and Meditation” in Women’s Health Magazine, the author writes how applying makeup is a way of relaxation. It is a process and rather than rush through it, take the time to soak in the process to re-create yourself with makeup. It is stressful enough rushing putting on makeup so why not take time to de-stress when applying makeup.



Rather than throwing away old makeup or makeup I don’t use, I let Josiah paint in his notebook with it. Eyeliners, lipsticks, blushes, powders come alive to a toddler on paper as he learns about color and texture. It was also relaxing as you make a makeup mess and not just paint the face with it.



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